Janene’s career focus has been in the areas of leadership and learning.  She has been with the organization since early 2014 and has served in multiple capacities, most recently as Program Consultant in our Talent, Learning & Culture team. Janene has had the opportunity to lead and mentor colleagues, collaborate across stakeholder groups, facilitate learning opportunity, and share a solution-focused approach to problem solving. She recently developed the Talent Networking strategy for Inclusa and has begun to create connections with key stakeholders and develop Talent Networks that support and enrich Inclusa colleague recruitment.

Janene brings a wide educational background to the organization as she has obtained a Bachelor of Music Degree in Instrumental Music Education, a Master of Science Degree in Education & Educational Leadership, and a Doctoral Degree in Educational Administration with an emphasis in Leadership.

Outside of doing what she loves at Inclusa, Janene can be found running in a local 5K or 10K, and even a half marathon when feeling extra ambitious! She also enjoys maintaining her yard, working on wood refinishing projects, reading, traveling with her husband, and sometimes just stopping to sit still!

Contact Janene Beck Hafner – Janene.beck-hafner@inclusa.org and/or 715-623-1022

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