What do you want to be?


Employment is part of the human experience and one we have been preparing for since childhood when asked this very question. But what if you hadn’t been asked, and instead of limitless possibilities, your life was built from possibility limits?  Meaningful work has been associated with positive physical and mental health benefits and is a part of building a healthy lifestyle as a contributing member of society. Because work is so essential to people’s economic self-sufficiency, as well as self-esteem and well-being, people who want to work ought to be provided the opportunity and support to work competitively within the general workforce in their pursuit of health, wealth, and happiness. This support builds on each person’s strengths and interests through individually tailored, preference-based options that include:

  • Supported Employment Services
    • Job Development
    • Job Coaching
    • Work Crews/Enclaves
    • Pre-Vocational Services:
    • Community Based Pre-Vocational Services
  • Pre-Vocational Services:
    • Community Based Pre-Vocational Services

Success Story

Meet Ellen*, a woman with a work ethic like no other. In fact, Ellen enjoys work so much, she gets upset when her schedule changes, or misses a day of work due to a holiday falling within the work week. However, the opportunity to work is not one that has always been available to Ellen. When Ellen was 10 years old she went to live in an institution, where she stayed until the age of 48. After moving into a residential facility in the community, Ellen started work in a pre-vocational center. But Ellen wanted more.

Many people didn’t believe Ellen could work in the community. IDT staff persisted with the belief that Ellen had a lot to offer the workforce, and the right fit was out there. With a lot of collaboration and Ellen’s self-determination, she directed her path to community employment. Ellen is happily employed in a position right for her, and is proof hard work and individualized exploration can lead to successful employment outcomes. She wanted more, and she got it.
*Names are changed to protect identity.

Commonunity® is built from the belief that everyone deserves the right to pursue employment opportunities and actively participate in full citizenship. Employment fosters unity in the common good for all where everyone can consider: What do I want to be?