Inclusa manages the provision of a person-centered and community-focused approach to long-term care services and supports to over 15,500 Family Care members across its 68-county service region in Wisconsin. As a values-based organization devoted to building vibrant and inclusive communities, Inclusa deploys a unique approach to managed care with a trademarked model of support named Commonunity® which focuses on the belief in everyone, and from that belief, the common good for all is achieved.

Our History

Inclusa, Inc. was formed to leverage years of experience in delivering a person-centered and community-focused approach to the Family Care program. While the name may be new, Inclusa is not new to long-term care. In fact, its founding organizations—Community Care Connections of Wisconsin, Western Wisconsin Cares, and ContinuUs—have been industry leaders for nearly two decades. In operation since 2000 as county pilot participants, Inclusa’s rich history and collective experience allows us to remain committed to continued excellence in the delivery of Family Care supports and services across Wisconsin.  Inclusa receives 100% of its funding from the State of Wisconsin.