2611, 2019

Compassion for the Sum of Our Wholeness

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Somehow, somewhere, we will all be touched by someone with cognitive decline. The symptoms of dementia and the diseases associated with it are widespread. Looking through the lens of “It might be me someday,” what would you want others to know?

I came up with a short list. Perhaps we could all take a moment, add our own requests, and pause the next time we are feeling impatient or irritated with someone experiencing dementia.

I will. Will you join me?

Please remember I am doing my best.
Please remember the sum of my life.
Please remember I have needs and wants.
Please remember to give me scheduled pain reliever for my arthritis.
Please remember I am trying to communicate something—a thought, a feeling, a need.
Please remember I don’t like watching television.
Please remember I like the out-of-doors, if I am dressed warmly enough.
Please remember I love animals.
Please remember these things for me when I cannot.

Your turn…

– Becky Woods Bauknecht

1911, 2019

Inclusa is in a neighborhood near you!

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Inclusa is in a neighborhood near you!
We are opening new offices and relocating others to assure we remain your local choice for Long-term care. Here are a few considerations that we made when selecting offices: Location, Accessibility and Size.

Find us in the new locations below!

2733 South Ridge Road
Green Bay, WI 54304
Available for scheduling

3908 Hall Avenue, Suite I
Marinette, WI 54143
Available for scheduling starting December 1, 2019

300 East Green Bay Street
Shawano, WI 54166
Available for scheduling starting January 1, 2020

We look forward to serving you in the communities you call home!

3110, 2019

Our Story

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Inclusa manages the provision of a person-centered and community-focused approach to long-term care services and supports to over 15,500 Family Care members across its 55-county service region in Wisconsin. As a values-based organization devoted to empowering people to explore and achieve life’s possibilities, Inclusa deploys a unique approach to managed care with a trademarked model of support named Commonunity® which focuses on the belief in everyone, and from that belief, the common good for all is achieved.

Inclusa, Inc. was one of the first Managed Care Organizations to offer the Family Care benefit in Wisconsin. We’ve been supporting your long-term care needs for almost 20 years.

Our program helps eligible elders and adults with disabilities to live independently in the communities they call home. We partner with local providers and community resources to connect you to the supports and services you need.

If you’d like more information about Inclusa and how we can support your long-term care needs, please visit your local Aging and Disability Resource Center.

Our Vision: Inclusa empowers people to explore and achieve life’s possibilities.

Our Mission: In order to maximize health outcomes, Inclusa proactively partners with others to build vibrant and inclusive communities that offer people dignity, choice, and connections.

Our Values: Partnership, Respect, Innovation, Integrity, Development, Excellence

710, 2019

Signs of Mental Illness and Where To Get Help

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Mental illness can strike at any time

Mental illness plagues close to one in five adults in the U.S. It can emerge in response to a difficult life experience, or just as a physiological development. The good news is that mental illness is treatable, but knowing when to seek help can sometimes be a challenge.

Watch for signs of mental illness

Decline in personal care
Losing interest in personal hygiene and appearance are early signs that someone is struggling.

Dramatic changes in eating or sleeping habits
A sudden increase or decrease in appetite can be a sign that your body is having a stress response. Look for weight loss or weight gain over a fairly short period of time. Likewise, needing several extra hours of sleep every day or being unable to sleep can be symptoms of depression or anxiety.

Social withdrawal
The world is full of brilliant introverts who prefer alone time. If, however, you are feeling a sudden and persistent loathing for social situations or a complete unwillingness to interact with people, that may go beyond introversion.

Substance abuse
A desire to self-medicate in order to battle negative feelings can lead to greater struggles. Watch for an increase in alcohol use, unnecessary prescription medication use and/or illegal drug use. If you feel you NEED a substance to get you through a situation, take a closer look.

Persistent, penetrating sadness
If you find yourself feeling hopeless, or if someone you love expresses persistent hopelessness, this may indicate that the sadness is coming from inside.

Excessive fears and worries
We all worry, but fears and worries that interfere with our daily experiences in school, work or social circles can be cause for concern.

When to seek help for mental illness
One or two of these signs, does not mean you necessarily have a mental illness. If you are struggling with everyday functions and experiencing several symptoms at once, it’s time to call a doctor.

Family doctor is a good starting place to seek help for mental illness
Your family doctor is a good place to begin for a referral or advice on next steps. You can also call 211 to talk with a professional about local options for mental health care. If you or someone you know has thoughts of self-harm or thoughts of harming others, seek emergency medical help immediately.