Commonunity® is Inclusa.

More specifically, Commonunity® is Inclusa’s approach to everything we do. So central to our operations, Commonunity® is a trademarked model of managed care that places emphasis on the importance of full citizenship and what it means to be an active participant in everyday life. Explored through both a collective and individual approach, Commonunity® in its purest forms is described as follows:

Commonunity® is the belief in the strengths of everyone and the commitment to support the common good for all.

What this means for the common good:

  • It’s a way of living.
  • Partnerships with others.
  • It’s about possibilities.
  • Strengths of all enrich community.
  • It’s a belief in better.
  • Choices are honored.
  • Focus is on giving and receiving within your community.
  • Differences are accepted and valued.
  • Create a thriving place for all.

Commonunity® is a way of living which brings together the basics—home, contribution, accessibility, and belonging—to create the life of my choosing.

What this means for the individual:

  • I live the life I choose.
  • I have relationships in my community.
  • I feel like I belong.
  • I work and contribute.
  • I have access to my community.
  • I have meaningful connections.
  • I am valued.
  • I choose where I live.
  • I am responsible.
  • I am a citizen.

In every day practice, Commonunity® explores the importance of full citizenship by supporting the development of meaningful connections between members and their communities through the thoughtful exploration of five component areas: Choice, Home, Contribution, Accessibility, Belonging.

Commonunity® Components

Full citizenship includes many components, and can look different for each individual. The core components of Commonunity are about the basics of what we each desire from life; yet, not everyone has had the opportunity to explore, let alone embrace, the basics of what makes life so full. In order to support citizenship while remaining flexible to this individualized approach, five components are central to Commonunity®.


Choice is individual expression, selection, and action defined by you. You have the right, the power, and the liberty to choose.

Your choices are honored. Your voice matters. The choice is yours.


Home is more than a place of residence. You have a space of your own where you are secure, supported, and able to be yourself.

Your home is your own. You make the decisions within it. Welcome home.


Contribution is an act of giving, doing, and sharing. You have gifts, talents, and valuable offerings others benefit from.

You contribute. Your gifts, skills and abilities are valued and shared. You are valuable.


Accessibility focuses on entering, participating, and easily moving in places of importance. You have the freedom, the ability, and the invitation to participate.

You can enter, participate, and move freely in places of importance to you. You have access.


Belonging is being included, feeling accepted, and having meaningful relationships. You are an important and valued member of a group.

You have meaningful relationships where you are included and accepted. You belong.

When individually defined, and collectively supported, Choice, Home, Contribution, Accessibility, and Belonging supports everyone to live the life of one’s choosing where opportunities become the practice, and possibilities become the standard.

“Commonunity® is a way of living that brings together the basics, as directed by the person whose voice matters most of all: the one living it. Our role is to listen and learn from the citizens who work, play, and thrive in our communities, and we are honored to be a valued partner in supporting the common good for all.” -Mark K. Hilliker, Chief Executive Officer of Inclusa

To learn more about Commonunity® and the opportunities to support both the individual and the collective, please email