Our Vision

Vision is the description of what we as an organization aim to achieve, and serves as a clear guide for intentional action. This is who we are, and what we aspire to do.

The innovative leader in building vibrant and inclusive communities, Inclusa, empowers full and meaningful lives of those we serve.


Our Mission

Mission is our core purpose which helps define what is important to us and provides a sense of focused direction.

We proactively partner with others to build a shared vision of long-term care that offers the people we serve choice, connections, and dignity fostering full participation in communities.

Values are defined as a set of principles or ideals that are important, lasting, and shared by a collective.

Our Values:

artnership:  We work collaboratively with stakeholders to accomplish more than the sum of our parts.  We team with others through shared ownership of risks and benefits.

espect:  We treat others as we wish to be treated: honoring differences, listening actively, and responding promptly and with care.

nnovation:  We are forward-thinking; we search for proactive, bold, new and creative solutions.  Through leadership and continuous improvement, we enhance the quality of care.

ntegrity:  We consistently hold ourselves accountable by doing what we say we will do when we say we will do it.

evelopment:  We pursue continuous individual and organizational learning.  We learn from experience and share new knowledge.

xcellence:  We are exceptional communicators.  We are responsible stewards of resources.  We exceed the expectations of those we serve and our business partners.

While all our values are important, one is especially relevant as it relates to our work with you. Partnership is about the connection between two or more people who work in collaboration and cooperation toward a shared set of goals. Our central goal is to support individuals and the communities we call home. We do this by focusing our efforts on a philosophy that honors both the individual and the collective: Commonunity®.