As we continuously monitor and respond to the evolving COVID-19 situation, Inclusa is committed to helping you stay connected to all of Inclusa’s COVID-19 situational updates and access important resources from one location! Access this information, using the links to the right:

A Message From Our CEO

For more than 20 years, Inclusa has lived the vision of empowering people to explore and achieve life’s possibilities. This enduring vision guides us as we face the difficult challenge of responding to the coronavirus (COVID-19), which the World Health Organization declared a pandemic this past Wednesday. As a healthcare organization, we have a significant social responsibility to assure the wellbeing of the 15,000 members we support, their direct service providers, our colleagues, and many other community partners.

Our hearts and thoughts go out to the people who have been affected by this unprecedented event and we truly appreciate the healthcare workers, local communities and agencies, and governments around the world who are on the front line working to contain this pandemic. Please know that we are vigilantly monitoring the COVID-19 situation around the clock and have precautions in place to ensure we do everything possible to reduce risk and support the health and safety of members, providers, colleagues, and others with whom we work collaboratively.