In 2020, the federal government put in place measures to protect the health of Medicaid program members during the COVID-19 pandemic. States were required to keep people enrolled to ensure they had health care coverage. The public health emergency (PHE) declared during the COVID-19 pandemic ended on May 11, 2023.  While Inclusa has been conducting business as usual prior to the end date, DHS policies put into place during the PHE to maintain health coverage will be “unwinding” into 2024. “Unwinding” is the term used to describe the actions states will take to resume routine operations for their Medicaid programs.  

Members must have an opportunity to complete a review of their financial eligibility for Medicaid and Family Care before benefits end or change. Member financial eligibility reviews, through their local Income Maintenance (IM) agency, will occur starting May 2023 through May 2024.   

During renewals, members provide updated information about their households, income, assets, etc. Local and tribal agencies then review the information to see if members still meet the rules to be a part of Medicaid programs. 

Key Messages for members of Medicaid programs: