As we know, members follow their IDT.  Can Care Wisconsin employees who are hired by Inclusa notify the members they support?


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What is Inclusa’s supervision model for IDT?  How are IDT supported?  What is the supervisor/IDT ratio?


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What is Inclusa’s HWC/CRC ratio?

Typical caseloads are  

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Can you tell us about Inclusa’s designated screener model?  Associated ratios?

Inclusa uses a dedicated Certified Screen Specialist (CSS) model to complete all Long-Term Care Functional Screens. The ratio we use at Inclusa is 1 CSS to 250 members.     

 The CSS at Inclusa work professionally by representing Inclusa in the community, reaching out to collateral sources, accessing medical records, sending letters to members, and managing their own calendars for work assignment completion.  The CSS are required to attend one screening unit meeting per month and will meet with their supporting manager at least monthly or more often as appropriate for the individual. 

 CSS are all certified Long-Term Care Functional Screeners and work from various locations within Inclusa’s service regions to complete all screens in the most efficient, accurate, and costeffective manner based on the location of the member and the screen’s due date.  The LTCFS Managers and Liaison are also certified screeners and work collaboratively to provide screen assignments, support and oversight for CSS screen quality and timeliness. 

The expectation for workload of a CSS is generally to complete and calculate 25-35 screens per month.  This number may vary depending on the coverage area, travel time, and other circumstances.  The numbers each CSS completes and the area that each CSS covers ensures that we have the appropriate number of CSS to meet the needs of the screening unit.  Screeners in the metropolitan areas where travel is less and screens can be grouped more easily per trip, will likely complete more screens per month than a screener covering a larger area and is not able to group as many screens in one trip.  

Annual Screen assignments are provided to the CSS 2 months ahead of the month the screen is due giving ample time to the CSS to schedule and complete the screens.   Change in Condition screens are assigned as request are made by IDT staff.  These requests have varying due dates depending on their priority and are blended into the CSS monthly assignments according to their due date as they are assigned.   The LTCFS Managers keep master spreadsheets and run reports to ensure all screens are completed. 

Inclusa has written Best Practice guidelines and a CSS handbook to assist with the completion of the screening process.   The LTCFS Managers and Liaison are available every work day to answer questions and provide support and guidance. 

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When will hiring start?


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