James is a young man living in Park Falls, WI.  James had lived with family for most of his life, and had also experienced life in an adult family home. About five years ago, James made the biggest decision of his life. With assistance from family, James secured an apartment in Park Falls.

James states, “I like living in my own apartment. It gives me the freedom to do things for myself, like cleaning and cooking.” James has an intellectual disability, which makes living alone a challenge. He was receiving visits from the local supportive home care agency, but has recently made the decision to participate in Community Supported Living to help him gain even more independence at home.

James has branched out into the community and even has connections beyond Park Falls. James often goes to Medford, where he plays on a community basketball team and bowling team. Closer to home, James competes in horseshoe tournaments at the Round Up Bar and Grill, where he prides himself on having thrown over 100 ringers. James likes to display his many awards in his living room for all his visitors to admire. James is a huge fan of sports and is usually seen at every Chequamegon High School football and basketball game.

Though James is a busy man, he still makes time for work. He has held a crew member position at McDonald’s for some time and is beginning to work more hours. Other staff at the restaurant have stated, “We would have James here more if we could. He’s always ready to help.”