Patrick’s Mom says he is “Living the Dream”. Patrick was born with Down Syndrome and his parents were determined not to set limits on what he could do. Patrick is very proud of having participated in musicals and theater when he was in high school at Memorial High School. He currently lives in his own apartment with CSL supports from LSS. He checks in with someone every morning to ensure he has everything he needs as he heads out to work on the city bus. When he gets home from work he checks in with staff who then checks his apartment, takes him grocery shopping or helps him prepare meals.  Patrick works at Reach Inc where he is their go-to guy for some of the more difficult jobs. He frequently travels to Chippewa Falls to work at their worksite. He also works in the community cleaning a local church and local retailer. He talks to his girlfriend every night and if he feels like going to church on the weekend he will walk to the church of his choice. His mother/guardian lives in AZ and Patrick talks to her every night to tell her about his day. Patrick loves having his own apartment and being part of the community! He is also a Vikings fan and will give Packer fans a hard time about the Green and Gold!