Provider Partners is the bimonthly newsletter for Inclusa providers.

Current Issue – October 2021

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Contents Include:

  • Update: 2021 State Directed Rate Increase for HCBS Providers
  • Direct Care Workforce Shortage
  • COVID-19 Prevention and Response: DHS Infection Prevention Resources
  • Dementia: Did You Know? Early Detection Can Help Us Support Someone Experiencing Dementia
  • DHS EVV Webpage Updates: August Forum Available Online, Newsletter Page Refreshed
  • DHS Rapid Assistance and Support Team (RAST)
  • Get Faster Claim Payments with Electronic Filing and Direct Deposit
  • Inclusa Authorization and Claims Support for Therapy Services Has Moved
  • Residential Providers Reminder: HCBS Compliance is Required
  • Take Action to Prevent Falls
  • Training & Resources: Take Advantage of the Inclusa Provider LMS

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