Commonunity® is the belief in the strengths of everyone and the commitment to support the common good for all.  Commonunity® is a way of living which brings together the basics—connection to community, opportunity to work, a place to call “home,” ability to get where I need to go—to create the life of my choosing.

This 2019 Residential Outcome was chosen to honor one of the key tenants of Commonunity®, that of Competitive Integrated Employment (CIE).  Work holds special meaning for all of us.  It may be what motivates us or gives our life purpose, allows us to connect with others that share a similar passion, contribute by offering our strengths and skills, or more simply, offer us the financial means to live the life we wish to have.  Inclusa has made a commitment to support working age members from the ages of 18-45 to consider all that employment has to offer to them.   Join us in supporting members to explore their gifts, capacities, and interests and begin to consider the value of offering their contributions within the workforce.

As part of this outcome, you will work closely with members to complete various activities aimed at exploring their interests and goals and share this information with the IDT.  Please note, some members may choose not to participate.  You will be connecting with the IDT as part of this outcome and they will advise you if they have had a conversation with a member you are currently supporting, and they may indicate that member is not wishing to pursue an employment path at this time.