Special Note: All information and resources related to Choking Prevention will be available beyond the Residential Outcome Payment process and can be used for any internal staff trainings providers may be conducting.

 People are at risk for choking every day and the dangers of choking are well documented.  Choking was ranked third as an unintentional cause of death in the United States.  Members we have the privilege of serving often face a much higher incidence of choking due to compromised health.  Within residential facilities, data has indicated that 37% are currently at an increased potential for choking.  Given these staggering facts, there is a great opportunity to educate and arm direct care and kitchen staff with valuable tools and resources in an effort to prevent incidents of choking. Awareness can often be the first step of prevention!

The purpose of this outcome is to provide a robust training for residential providers and their staff on the prevention of choking.  In addition, you will be asked to consider what changes you can make within your own internal operations to reduce the risk for choking amongst the individuals you support.

Please Note: This outcome opportunity allows for your staff to qualify for Continuing Education Hours (CEH) for watching the videos and completing associated questions.

Eligibility Process

  • Have at least one member residing in your facility who currently has rates calculated through Inclusa’s Residential Rate Methodology

  • Submit application to participate and agree to terms and conditions of outcome by the deadline of May 15, 2019

    • All participating facilities within the organization must be identified on the application
  • Provider contact completes training video and post-training test with passing score

  • Training is completed by a majority of direct care and kitchen staff within each participating facility.

    • Staff have the option to complete training online or in group setting depending on provider’s preference
    • If training is completed in group setting – Provider contact submits sign-in sheet with test scores and implementation responses to Innovation@inclusa.org
  • All items are to be completed/submitted by December 1, 2019

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