Somehow, somewhere, we will all be touched by someone with cognitive decline. The symptoms of dementia and the diseases associated with it are widespread. Looking through the lens of “It might be me someday,” what would you want others to know?

I came up with a short list. Perhaps we could all take a moment, add our own requests, and pause the next time we are feeling impatient or irritated with someone experiencing dementia.

I will. Will you join me?

Please remember I am doing my best.
Please remember the sum of my life.
Please remember I have needs and wants.
Please remember to give me scheduled pain reliever for my arthritis.
Please remember I am trying to communicate something—a thought, a feeling, a need.
Please remember I don’t like watching television.
Please remember I like the out-of-doors, if I am dressed warmly enough.
Please remember I love animals.
Please remember these things for me when I cannot.

Your turn…

– Becky Woods Bauknecht