Self-Determination is a theory of motivation which focuses on individuals having control over their lives and exercising the basic rights of citizenship, freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

A Self-Determined life encourages choice, risk, and responsibility, and is associated with greater independence and improved quality of life. Self-Directed Supports(SDS) is one option available to support Self-Determination, supporting the person to be more involved in directing services in the way that works for them.

  • You decide who you want to provide your services and supports.
  • You control how your budget is used for services.
  • You are the boss of your caregivers and services; you hire, train, supervise, and fire your direct care workers.

Commonunity® is built from the belief that everyone deserves the right to control his/her life and actively participate in full citizenship. A Self-Determined life fosters unity in the common good for all where everyone can consider: I can do anything I want to. I can be anything I want to be.