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Inclusa aspires to support members within the communities they call home, in a way that assures members have equal opportunity to be fully involved, valued, welcomed, and encouraged to share their gifts and talents. Over our past 20 years we continue to see Owner Occupied Adult Family Home (OOAFH) providers be a key ally in this pursuit, not only welcoming members into their home, but into their family and everyday experiences.

To assist this effort, Inclusa will offer an outcome-based payment to OOAFHs to support members who move from more restrictive living environments to their less restrictive OOAFHs, and foster the vision of full inclusion through the lens of Commonunity®.


Eligible providers can receive a payment up to $5000/member upon successful completion of the following areas:

  • $1,250 – Commonunity® “Welcome Session”
  • $1,250 – Commonunity® Component Areas found in Inclusa’s Learning Management System (LMS)
  • $1,250 – Community Living Workbook
  • $1,250 – Up to five approved trainings to address member specific needs, receiving $250/training

OOAFH Commonunity® Outcome Eligibility Process:

  1. Support a member who has moved into your OOAFH within the last six months from a more restrictive residential or institutional setting.
  2. Review the Project Parameters with the member, legal decision maker (if applicable) and IDT staff to obtain agreement on participation in the OOAFH Commonunity®
  3. Submit project application to participate and agree to Terms and Conditions of outcome anytime throughout the year.
  4. Complete the following Project Parameters within one year of the group Welcome Session:
    1. Participate in Commonunity® Welcome Session.
    2. Complete the five Commonunity® Component Areas with the member in Inclusa’s Provider Learning Management System.
  5. Optional Opportunities for Additional Payment:
    1. Identify and complete all applicable activities found within the Community Living Workbook documenting your experiences of the activities; completed workbooks are submitted for approval via Commonunity® Project Upload.
    2. Complete approved training(s) where components have been identified that may benefit the provider and/or member.

OOAFH Outcome Application

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Application for Approved Trainings


Project Resources

Commonunity® is Inclusa’s trademarked model of managed care that places emphasis on full citizenship and the importance of what it means to be an active participant in everyday life. It is a way of living which brings together the basics— home, contribution, accessibility, belonging—to create the life of one’s choosing.

Each Welcome Session will include an active learning experience on what Commonunity® means both individually and collectively. It will take place online, and therefore can be completed wherever works best for you. We look forward to your participation and valuable contributions as we explore a deeper understanding of Commonunity®, together.

Commonunity® Component Areas

The above link will take you to Inclusa’s Provider Learning Management System where you can access videos related to this outcome opportunity. The Commonunity® Component Areas series will include video, education, and interaction to better understand the five components of Commonunity®; Choice, Home, Contribution, Accessibility, and Belonging. Once logged-in please copy and past the specific title into the search bar:

  • What does it mean to have CHOICE?
  • What does HOME mean?
  • What does it mean to have CONTRIBUTION?
  • Why is ACCESSIBLITY important?
  • What does it mean to BELONG?
Community Living Workbook

This workbook will guide you through the suggested activities for the OOAFH Commonunity® Outcome as an optional opportunity for additional payment.

Project Upload

Please select above link to upload your completed Community Living Workbook.