About The Program

The Residential Provider Vacancy program allows providers to submit open bed data to Inclusa for use in placing our eligible members.

On a weekly basis, Inclusa will email a reminder to residential providers to update their open bed data with Inclusa.  Information for how to report is located on this page.

Thank you for your partnership and willingness to assist Inclusa with maintaining an accurate vacancy listing which will optimize the services you provide and minimize the number of inquiries made by our organization to yours.

How To Report

Residential providers with 5 or less facilities:

  • Complete this form
    • Enter information about each of your facility’s vacancies
    • Click Submit and the information will automatically be sent back to Inclusa

 Residential providers with more than 5 facilities:

Questions or Updates

Need to update your email address?  Want to opt out of receiving email updates?  Something else related to this program?  Email us.