Figuring out where to go next.

Inclusa can help arrange next steps and stays for members of Inclusa after a hospitalization or when living at home may no longer be an option. Navigating the process of this move is often referred to as transitions of care. We recognize that this process can seem confusing or overwhelming and we’re here to offer support. 

Below, we have outlined differences between several common options:
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Independent Living In-Home Care
(Home Health Care)
Adult Family Home Assisted Living Facility Skilled Nursing Facility Memory Care
Meals Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Laundry & Housekeeping Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Social Activities & Programs Yes Yes Yes
Wellness & Exercise Programs Yes Yes Yes Yes
Transportation Services Yes Yes Yes
Private Rooms Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Shared Rooms Yes Yes Yes
On-site Caregivers Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access to Licensed Nursing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Medication Management Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Medicaid Funding – Rent Yes Yes Yes Yes
Medicaid Funding – Services Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Medicare Funding – Rent
Medicare Funding – Services Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Good Option For: Does not need help with daily acts of living but would like more community and social activities. Needs scheduled assistance with acts of daily living on a periodic basis. Needs on-demand, on-on-one care due to physical or cognitive issues, is at high fall risk, and/or is looking for quiet home setting. Needs light, scheduled care, not at risk of falling, and looking for socialization. Includes short term stays (i.e. short-term rehab) and long-term stays
Needs institutional higher level medical care, such as persistent IV treatment, ventilation, etc.
Has cognitive needs requiring a secure living environment and assistance with all acts of daily living in a community setting.

For an additional resources that shows a breakdown of options within Family Care, view the Family Care Fact Page.

  • Our Family Care Fact Sheet provides an overview of additional residential options and is a great tool for thinking about different options when more help is needed or living at home may no longer be an option.
  • Advanced Directives record a person’s goals for what level of care they want provided if something should happen to them. We encourage members to think about setting their goals early and having discussions with family about them. While these forms can always be changed, it’s a serious and important conversation to start having. Click here for more information.
  • Remember to check the provider portal for coverage options, when considering plans for discharge or placement.
    • Don’t have access or forgot your log in? Click here.  
    • Click here for portal access for hospitals.
  • When a member of Inclusa is admitted to the hospital, contact Inclusa right away to begin partnering to coordinate a discharge plan.
    • Inclusa can help provide additional coverage for members of Inclusa, if not covered by VA or Medicare, for placement after discharge when needed.
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