Inclusa was recently featured in the Merrill Foto News to celebrate the relocation of the Merrill office. The article detailed:

On Monday, Dec. 23, ambassadors of the Merrill Area Chamber of Commerce joined the staff at Inclusa in merrill, to welcome them to the chamber and celebrate their new location.

Previously known as Community Link Incorporated, Inclusa has been serving people in Lincoln County since 2011, while located at 1401 E Main St. Changing names in an expansion effort, Community Link became Inclusa on Jan. 1, 2017 and has now recently moved location to 101 E Main St., Merrill.

According to a press release from Inclusa “Inclusa is a managed care organization providing long-term care support and services to eligible elders and adults with disabilities. With a special emphasis on supporting Life. Defined b you, our program helps members live independently in the communities they call home.”

Tricia Lazare, Community Resources Manager of Inclusa keeps her definition of Inclusa simple. “Here at Inclusa we serve elderly and disabled people who qualify for long-term care. Out goal is to help all of our members live the lives that they want to.” said Lazare.

With their expansion in 2017, Inclusa went from serving four counties in Wisconsin to serving 62 counties.

According to the Inclusa press release, “Inclusa is values-based organization leveraging nearly two decades of experience and expertise to provide person-centered and community-focused long-term care services and support to approximately 15,000 members in 62 counties under a Family Care contract with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. We partner with local providers and community resources to connect members to the supports needed to be an active participant in every day life, and to build a shared vision of Inclusive communities for all.”


Authored by: Jared Schmeltzer, Reporter