Inclusa is seeking new members to join the Board of Directors, our governing body who set policy direction for the important work we do within communities across Wisconsin. Collaborative, strategic, and transformative, this role is tasked with making decisions around the future of the organization to assure choice, with a focus on community, remains the stronghold of Inclusa.

Inclusa is a managed care organization who offers Family Care, a long-term care program designed to help frail elders and adults with disabilities connect to the supports and services they need to thrive in the communities they call home. Local, community-centered support is made possible by the policies in place to guide it.

“We work together to set outcome-statements and policy direction in the best interest of the organization, but more importantly, we make decisions for the future of the people we support, and work in partnership to steer toward a system that will evolve to best support communities and the members within,” said Kenneth Day, Board President of Inclusa.

Providing long-term care services and supports for almost 15,000 Family Care members across a fifty-two (52) county service region requires intimate understanding of the counties and unique communities within, which is why our Board of Directors is looking to add two new voices and further enhance that understanding by obtaining geographic representation from Dodge, Jefferson, Rock, Washington, and Waukesha counties.

“We look forward to diversifying our group with committed individuals who bring experiential leadership, local knowledge, and fresh perspectives to the table,” stated Day.

Are you an outcome-oriented, transformational thinker interested in making a difference in your community? Then you just might be the perfect fit for our Board.  Click the button to the right if you’d like to apply.  Preference may be given to prospective members living in the listed geographic areas; however, all interested, no matter the location, are encouraged to apply.

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