Home is where the heart is.

Home is more than a place of residence. It is a place you call your own, where you are safe, comfortable, supported, and able to be yourself. But what if no part of your home was your own; would it still have your heart?  The importance of home stems from it being the center of your life. It is our goal to support members in a setting of their choosing where independence is maximized, interdependence is nurtured, and citizenship is explored within their community. To accomplish this, we are committed to enhancing resources and opportunities to support community living through a member-focused, outcome-based, and a Community First approach. Community living includes the following services: Community Supported Living, Self-Directed Support, Supportive Home Care, Technology, Formal Residential supports, and Natural Supports.

Success Story

Meet Mary*, a woman who wanted a place to call her own. Mary lived with her parents in their family home. When her parents died in 2012, she moved in with a brother and his wife and shortly thereafter, enrolled in Family Care. Her brother soon approached the IDT staff about Mary needing to move out of his home within a short period and was insistent on Mary moving into a residential setting. Upon conversation with Mary, IDT staff felt she could be supported in her own home. Her family was not quite ready for that level of independence, so she moved, temporarily, into an Adult Family Home (AFH). After several weeks in the AFH, it became apparent Mary had a lot of wonderful abilities that weren’t known, as her mom had always done all the household chores. Mary wanted more.

The IDT staff arranged for Mary and her family to meet with a contracted Community Supported Living (CSL) provider; they had the opportunity to voice concerns, and become familiar with the service option. They all agreed it made sense to begin with Housing Counseling to give Mary the chance to become more comfortable with the staff (to ease some of her anxieties), to explore housing options in her chosen community, apply for financial assistance for low income housing, obtain items for the apartment, and then to proceed with CSL. During this time, the staff focused on identifying things important to Mary. About 7 months later, at the age of 61, Mary moved into an apartment, her own home, for the first time, with CSL supports in place. Initially the CSL provider offered support to her 24/7, but that quickly reduced at Mary’s request; she flourished! Mary’s sister expressed amazement with Mary’s success and happiness. She stated that their family lived their entire lives believing Mary needed to be taken care of and now realized they prevented her from having a life of her own choosing. She wanted more, and she got it.

*Names are changed to protect identity.

Commonunity® is built from the belief that everyone deserves the right to embrace the ideals of home and actively participate in full citizenship. Community living fosters unity in the common good for all where everyone can consider: Home is where my heart is.