Inclusa is dedicated to supporting members to live where their autonomy, independence, and inclusion is maximized. Among other things, this means striving to support every member to live in a place that meets these goals and falls into one of these categories
of Inclusa’s Outcome Definition of a Community Living setting:

  • A place they own
  • A place they lease directly from community landlords
  • A place they sub-let from a natural support or
  • A place they live with a natural support and
  • A place they can choose who walks through their front door

Inclusa is committed to ensuring every member has the opportunity to explore and choose community living in one of the options described above, with formal residential services used as a temporary or last resort to ensure members are always supported to live in the least restrictive, most integrated setting possible. This will ensure our residential provider network is not overwhelmed and you can use your expertise and resources to provide residential services to those who need them most.

To advance this vision, we want to support residential providers to actively engage with members and their IDT in three possible ways:

  1. To assist a member to fully explore and understand the opportunities available for community living.
  2. To assist a member to transition from residential services to community living.
  3. To assist a member referred for residential services with diversion to community. living where residential services may be used, if necessary, on a short-term basis while a community living situation is being developed.

Inclusa recognizes this work by residential providers require exceptional effort and expertise; to support this, the following payments will be available to providers who complete the eligibility process per the terms and conditions of the CIE Outcome:

  • Residential Transition Full Payment Range: $6,000 to $9,000/Member
  • Residential Diversion Full Payment Range: $3,500 to $6,500/Member 

Note: While the Transition and Diversion outcomes utilize the same resources as the Community Living outcome, the Community Living outcome is not a requirement to receive the Transition or Diversion outcome payment. Please see Application Terms and Conditions for additional payment details.

  1. Be a Residential Provider willing to support the Inclusa member in fulfilling their outcome of residing in a community living setting. 
  2. Have commitment of the member, legal decision maker (if applicable) and Inclusa’s Care Management Team to support the transition or diversion from your residential facility to a community living setting (per Outcome Definition) as a goal anticipated to be achieved within one year.
  3. Submit an application to participate and agree to Terms and Conditions of outcome anytime throughout the year 
    1. Include the results from a completed Risk Adjustment Tool for the member. This tool identifies potential strengths, barriers as well as the agreed upon payment amount.    
    2. An Inclusa subgroup will review submitted applications and send notification via email, from, to providers within one month of submitted application date. 
  4. Complete the following within 12 months of an approved application
    1. View at least one Community Living Video with the member and answer the related question(s) together.
    2. Identify and complete all activities related to the members transition or diversion plan found within the Community Living Workbook, documenting your efforts and experiences.
    3. Support a successful transition or diversion to the member’s preferred living arrangement, meeting this Outcome Definition of a Community Living Setting.
    4. Complete the Residential Transition/Diversion Project Upload upon fulfillment of all project expectations, confirming member’s successful transition or diversion, and documenting your experiences of the outcome payment project. 
  5. When applicable, withdraw the approved application if the member’s plan to transition or divert from a residential setting changes, sending an email notification to

Residential Transition & Diversion Outcome Application


Residential Transition & Diversion Project Upload

Click to Upload Project
  • When submitting your project upload, please ensure all modules of the workbook are comprehensive and complete.
  • Project Deadline: within 12 months of approved Application

Risk Adjustment Tool

The Risk Adjustment Tool is completed with the member, Inclusa IDT and Residential Provider.  Upon completion, this tool determines the payment amount for the Residential Transition and Residential Diversion Outcome Payments.

Community Living Videos

The above link will take you to Inclusa’s Provider Learning Management System where you and the member can access videos related to Community Living. Once logged-in please select the “Community Living” category. These short videos are geared to foster inspiration on how members can achieve greater independence and community connections.

Community Living Workbook PDF

This workbook will guide you through the suggested activities for the completion of the Community Living Outcome Payment project and required activities for the Residential Transition and Diversion Outcome Payment projects.