Special Note:  All information and resources related to the Dementia Tool kit will be available beyond the Residential Outcome Payment process and can be used for any internal staff trainings providers may be conducting.

Inclusa will give an additional payment to eligible providers who promote improved quality of life for Inclusa members living with dementia by participating in educational webinars and completing the Dementia Care Toolkit for up to one member per residential facility.

Behavioral Health Outcome Eligibility Process:

  1. Have at least one member residing in your facility with a dementia diagnosis, who currently has a rate calculated through Inclusa’s 2018 Residential Rate Methodology.  For additional information on types of dementia, please visit the Alzheimer’s Association page.
  2. Submit application to participate and agree to the terms and conditions of the outcome by the deadline of July 1, 2018
    1. Applications can be submitted by clicking on the 2018 Behavioral Health Outcome Application link below
  3. Review at least two webinar trainings and complete associated questionnaires with a passing score; one of the completed webinars must include the “Dementia Toolkit: How To” training
    1. Webinars and related questionnaires can be found by clicking on the links below in the BH Outcome Eligibility Related Documents & Resources section.
  4. Submit completed Dementia Care Toolkit* by deadline of December 1, 2018
    1. Completed Toolkits can be submitted at any time prior to December 1, 2018
    2. Please submit completed Toolkits by using any of the following secure options:
      1. Using your own secure email system (or using our secure email system) send an email to innovation@inclusa.org
      2. Online Toolkit Upload

* Please be sure you are using a secure/encrypted method when sending anything containing PHI to Inclusa.

Behavioral Health Outcome Related Documents & Resources:

Behavioral Health Outcome Webinars & Associated Questions:

The Dementia Informed Training Awareness and Skills presentation was prepared by Suzanna Waters Castillo, PhD, MSSW with the University of Wisconsin-Madison through a Dementia Grant obtained by the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. This presentation includes 10 modules in total. For the Behavioral Health Outcome project we are utilizing 3 of these modules. Currently these are the only ones that have been created for a self-study.  For additional information on this presentation you may contact Nancy Tischbein at 715-635-5420 or email at Nancy.Tischbein@inclusa.org.

Additional Dementia Care Resources can be found at:  https://www.inclusa.org/providers/resources/dementia-care-resources/