Thank you for participating in the 2019 PIP. Although the PIP and period for outcome payments are over, please feel free to reference the training materials on this page.
Thank you!

Inclusa is committed to reducing the choking risk of our members by partnering with our providers.  Each year, Inclusa identifies a Performance Improvement Project (PIP) where we partner with providers to improve health outcomes for our members.  Project focus can vary from year to year and needs to focus on improving at least one heath outcome for members.

In 2019, the PIP consists of three stages:

  • Review ISPs for identified members

  • Complete staff training provided by Inclusa.

  • Review of improved ISPs based on the training.

In the first stage of 2019’s PIP, we’d like you to take some time to review each participating member’s ISP.  After reviewing the member’s ISP, we’d like you to complete a comprehensive evaluation tool related to choking risk.  The evaluation guides you through several areas that Inclusa believes are important to reducing the risk of choking for our members.

After completing the evaluation for each participating member, Inclusa’s Quality Innovation team will email you with the results of your evaluation.  You can use the results to update the ISP’s towards the end of the project.

Start Comprehensive Choking Risk Evaluation

In stage two of the PIP, we’d like to provide you with an opportunity to learn more about different strategies to reduce the risk of choking.  We’ve developed a user-friendly, interactive training module that is available to all Inclusa providers and their staff.  You can distribute this training to anyone who may be updating ISPs such as:

  • Direct Care Staff
  • Kitchen Staff
  • Others Involved in Care

As part of the 1-hour online training, you will be required to test your knowledge of choking prevention strategies before the core training begins.  At the conclusion, you’ll have an opportunity to test your knowledge again.  If you receive a score of 80% or higher, you will receive a certificate of completion and will receive continuing education hours that are useful to maintain certifications.  Certificates will be sent early fall 2019.

Begin Training

In stage three you’ve substantially increased your knowledge related choking prevention and what you should include on an ISP—great work!  We’d like you to take the time to update your participating member’s ISP.  We’ve made it very easy for you to do this right online.

You must submit one ISP Template per participating member.  You can use our online tool to generate the form or we’ve provided a downloadable Microsoft Word template. The choice is yours.  If you choose to use the downloadable template, be sure to email the completed forms to  You can find a sample ISP here.

Complete ISP Template Online

All steps must be complete by September 1, 2019, in order to receive the provider outcome payment.