The benefits of employment extend way past earning a paycheck. Work provides opportunities to form relationships, utilize our strengths and skills, contribute to our communities, and even keeps us healthy.

As part of this outcome, residential providers will work closely with members to complete various activities focused on finding a new job in the community and/or sustaining their current job. The following payments will be available to providers who complete the eligibility process per the terms and conditions of the Competitive Integrated Employment (CIE) Outcome:

  • Finding CIE Full Payment: $1,200/member
  • Keeping CIE Full Payment: $400/member

Competitive Integrated Employment is defined as work performed on a full-time or part-time basis; compensated not less than the applicable state or local minimum wage law (or the customary wage), or if self-employment, yields income comparable to persons without disabilities doing similar tasks; the worker should be eligible for the level of benefits provided to other employees; the work should be at a location typically found in the community; where the employee with a disability interacts with other persons who do not have disabilities and are not in a supervisory role; and the job presents opportunities for advancement.